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March 19, 2020

COVID 19 Announcement

Whilst our Procure Plus offices and our OSCO factories have closed to protect our employees and the community, we continue to be fully contactable, our office phones have been re-directed and we will continue to answer your questions and queries.

We are speaking to clients and supporting them in their plans.

Contractors and Suppliers have been working on the immediate actions needed to continue or close down sites, however, all are focused on ensuring they are ready for business once these difficult times start to recede.

As a team, we have a range of skills and backgrounds, extending beyond the services and support we normally provide.  The offer remains to any of our Clients, contractors or supply chain, if there is something we can help with, please ask.

Stay safe.

Below please find some useful links following the Governments recent announcements:

Updated: 26/3/20

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