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September 18, 2019

JOB VACANCY CLOSED: We are currently recruiting for a Production Engineer and Trainer (HMP) Hindley

Osco Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Procure Plus and is an offsite manufacture of homes, house building contractor and developer.  Our vision is to transform the way houses are made in the UK, leveraging innovative technology with a passion for quality, durability and sustainability.  Creating beautiful homes for generations.  We believe there is another way – a better way – of creating homes and that doesn’t only involve the buildings themselves, but the communities we are all part of.  We work with the team at HMP Hindley, a resettlement prison near Wigan, operating a workshop training people to manufacture the walls, floors and ceilings that make up our homes, preparing them for employment and upon release supporting them into work, a key factor in reducing re-offending.  Due to progression within the team, we are now recruiting a replacement to represent Osco at HMP Hindley and work with us to ensure the quality of product and progression of people continues.  This is a diverse role requiring both technical skills and the ability to work with, develop and train people.  As such, candidates may have a range of experience and skills but attitude, enthusiasm and the desire to make a change are essential.

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