Custom build solutions

One of the key advantages of the OSCO Homes way of doing things is the flexibility which it offers to our customers. From a base level of excellence and quality, we can promise a range of approaches to meet the vision of every type of aspiring home owner.

Flexibility and quality

Custom build developments are ideally suited to the OSCO Homes way of doing things. Once the intended site of each home has been properly prepared we can arrive with tailor made panels and assemble them with speed and efficiency. When needed, we can carry on through to completing the home from top to bottom. Alternatively, we can hand the project over to the client to apply their own finishing solutions to create the home of their dreams.

Whilst bespoke design represents the fullest expression of the OSCO Homes approach, we appreciate the fact that some clients may wish to enjoy the excellence of our solutions at a lower budget. To that end we offer a number of set OSCO house types which can then be customised in line with the available budget and the aesthetic choices of the client. The result is genuine housing excellence and a unique, self-designed home made more affordable than ever.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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Base Option
Base Option + Box window to first floor bedroom
Base Option + Dormer window to roof space

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