What we do

We work as a unified team to deliver affordable, innovative homes. The key to our approach is the use of technology and creative design to bring down costs while delivering high quality, custom made homes that you’ll want to live in.

Where Technology Meets Craftsmanship

We use off-site construction in a way which combines speed and efficiency with consistent quality. Working in a fully controlled factory environment allows us to create the panels needed for a home in the style demanded by the client. These can then be assembled on site with maximum speed and minimum disruption. The simplicity of this process enables us to maintain the highest quality, delivering the kind of homes people want to move into the moment they see them. It means no time-consuming snagging lists, just homes that are durable, appealing and distinctive.

The team we’ve put together at OSCO Homes is united in a belief in the way we do things and the excellence of the results. We pride ourselves on treating our staff extremely well, creating a working environment in which delivering the home the client has asked for is always placed first and foremost. Everyone working on an individual house will be an expert in their chosen field, and an advocate of the OSCO Homes approach. It’s an approach which uses precision, technology, expertise and imagination to create the kind of homes that people aspire to live in.

Preparation and Precision

We like to guarantee excellence by removing the risk of the unknown. Building developments can often be derailed or delayed by unforeseeable events. By building the main structure of every home in a factory environment we control every aspect of its construction. By carefully preparing the site itself, minimising the workforce needed and building efficiently to a highly detailed plan, we ensure that the vision each client has becomes a reality, seamlessly.

The result is a home which exactly matches the original intentions, with snagging and reworking kept to an absolute minimum.
People often talk about ‘dream homes’. We take those dreams and make them a reality. Our commitment to using the latest technology enables clients to retain control of their future home throughout the process, from 3D modelling through to moving day. As technology advances, so will we, and that technology will always be used to build homes that people genuinely fall in love with.

On handover day, the property was handed over without any snags, which was a great demonstration of the benefit of building offsite - improving the quality throughout the project

Together Housing Group Ltd

Award Winning

OSCO Homes & Together Housing Group collected a Northern Housing Award for Offsite Project of the Year.


Every component engineered and modelled in 3D CAD before sending into manufacture.


All new build homes have to have a minimum design life of 60 years but an OSCO Home will go generations beyond that.

Precision Manufactured

The main structure is factory built from light gauge steel frames, which are assembled into wall panels, floor, ceiling and roof cassettes within a quality controlled environment. The walls and roof are externally completed in the factory, quickly providing a watertight and secure structure once assembled on site.

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Quality First

Construction sites are carefully prepared before the houses arrive, minimising the people on site and ensuring a safe and clean environment for the houses to be assembled in.

The factory approach goes with the houses. Every task is planned and prepared for and execution closely monitored to ensure the build remains on track and is handed over without defects.

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Technology Led

Combining engineering, and technology to deliver innovative houses that become desirable homes. From the start, the design team work from one 3D model, building the site virtually from the OSCO standard components. Clients can 'walk through' the houses to agree layouts and finishes at this early stage.

The technology continues through the build process, with ordering, quality control and feedback processes.
Technology will continue to advance and OSCO wants to be part of that journey.

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